/ar o/ studio

* aros from Portuguese: wheel, circle. The circle is a circular element that is a pure, perfect, unlimited form that identifies a whole.
/ àr o / is an independent creative consulting firm based in Milan. Founded in 2016 by Andrea Steidl and Raquel Pacchini, the studio works closely with a diverse range of clients, providing creative direction, product design and visual communication projects.
With a creative process based on strategic and emotional research, which extends from spaces and materials to the market and user experience, the studio transforms the client's ideas and inspirations into design projects that promote a unique vision of the brand.
"We seek authenticity in each project by absorbing the context in which we immerse ourselves, in order to convey a message reworked according to our sensitivity".
Their different backgrounds and individual experiences contaminate one another, and by consequence allow Raquel and Andrea to intertwine their personal interpretation in the works followed by the studio with a vision of creative quality that incorporates different but complementary design disciplines.


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